SABRe multisensor serious game concept | instruments as controller | avatar |


Take Action! Contemporary Design Activism – Design Symposium 2016 interdisciplinary | activism | design | fake news? | refugees welcome

Kill the King

Fantoche Workshop Game with Kornelia Griebel & Tim Bürge Your browser does not support iframes.>   


ECHORBS 3. semester game design  


Supersede 3. semester game design | Boardgame design A tactical boardgame with a ridiculous amount of chain reactions.      


Tricksnap Contract work for Red Bull BRIEFING Create a HTML5 „One button game“ that works on mobile and desktop browsers. You can play the game here.   VISUALS


S.A.V.E.R – Retromorphosis 3. semester game design Challenge: Create a game inspired by a Commodore game (Cosmic Ark, 1982) and take it into a 3D game. It also had to focus on a political topic.   CONCEPT I wanted to create a political game that throws the player into a situation without telling him what […]


Orbonom – An Eat Yourself Adventure 4. semester game design This was the adventure game Annika and me created in the fourth semester. You can find more information on our Orbonom-Project-Tumblr.   MECHANICS By eating your bodyparts, you unlock new abilities. But take care not to eat yourself too greedy. Use your bodyparts in the […]