S.A.V.E.R – Retromorphosis 3. semester game design Challenge: Create a game inspired by a Commodore game (Cosmic Ark, 1982) and take it into a 3D game. It also had to focus on a political topic. CONCEPTI wanted to create a political game that throws the player into a situation without telling him what to do.Because […]

Visual Techniques

Harlem Shake – Visual Techniques 2. semester game design | 3ds Max First steps into 3d modelling. I created the robot in the box and used characters from my classmates for this childroom Harlem Shake. https://youtu.be/xSiq_HR0AkY


Psychobombers 1. semester game design My first game made with the game engine „GameMaker“. The game was playable at the SwitzerLAN. https://youtu.be/Cc4ARSkDMh8?si=mIbrBS_faUYi0mJ0

Broken Sanity

Broken Sanity 1. semester game design At the end of the first semester, the whole class had to act as one game company to create a point and click adventure.   TRAILER   NARRATIVE Max Striebel and me created the narrative concept, which won the most votes in the class, which was then refined by […]